First eviction

It’s been a fantastic event so far and the scientists have worked hard, answering thousands of questions between them. But on Friday there can only be one winner in each zone, so some of them have to go.

We are sorry to have to do this to you, but the first scientist to be evicted is…

Gioia Cherubini

Thanks so much for all you’ve done. You’ve been a fantastic contestant and have enlightened us greatly in the world of virology! We hope you’ve enjoyed taking part.

There will be evictions every day for the rest of the week, with the winner announced on Friday. Keep voting students!

Who will walk off with the prize? YOU decide!

Posted on June 22, 2010 by ModShane in News. 10s Comments.

10 Responses to First eviction

  1. Moderator - Peter says:

    Gioia, you will be greatly missed by all the students and the moderators! Thanks for taking part 🙂

  2. joannawatson says:

    And by the 4 of us too!!!

  3. iainmoal says:

    Totally agreed. Its a shame that someone has to go. 🙁

  4. gioiacherubini says:

    Thank you guys, you are making me feel better 🙂

  5. mariamorme says:

    Yes, we’ll definitely miss you Gioia. I hope you’ll still come to tomorrow’s live chats if you have time?

  6. gracealysha2010 says:

    Yes please come on live chats- your sooooo interesting!!! x

  7. mollyniamh says:

    Yes, do come on live chats Gioia! 🙂

  8. barney says:

    Thank you for your time Gioia, im sorry you lost, but good luck for the future!!!

  9. jampoteater says:

    yeah- good luckk!! you all deserved the money..

  10. gioiacherubini says:

    Thanks guys, seeing your reactions and support made it even more worth it to participate. I’m already missing the live chats!

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