• Question: how does science affect other aspects of your life ? as in do you have to watch science tv and read science books?

    Asked by abrahams1 to Gioia, Iain, Jo, Leo, Mariam on 22 Jun 2010 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Joanna Watson

      Joanna Watson answered on 15 Jun 2010:

      We don’t have to watch science TV or read science books when we’re not at work, but I think that quite a lot of us do just because we like them.

      When you work as a scientist you often have to specialise in a small area or science, so lots of us like watching science telly that is about a completely different area of science to what we do at work.

    • Photo: Leo Garcia

      Leo Garcia answered on 19 Jun 2010:

      I read popular science books reasonably regularly, and I try to keep up with the latest science developments. I do also watch science programs, like the recent Brian Cox series, and nature shows like Springwatch. I have even been to ‘Nerdstock’ twice – a series of talks by scientists and comedians in UCL over Christmas. But I would hope that even if science wasn’t your job that science would be part of your life.

      Try reading ‘Unweaving the Rainbow’ by Richard Dawkins to see just how profound and beautiful a scientific understanding of the world can be!

    • Photo: Iain Moal

      Iain Moal answered on 19 Jun 2010:

      I do read a lot of science books and I also like watching science documentaries. I try to read about subjects that aren’t part of my field, like things on geology, palenontology, linguistics and psychology.

      Science impacts all aspects of my life. When I play guitar, I can’t help but thing about the physics of how and why the string vibrates. When I go kickboxing, I’m always thinking about momentum and force. Even in the pub, I think about how and why the bubbles form in my pint!

    • Photo: Mariam Orme

      Mariam Orme answered on 22 Jun 2010:

      Science doesn’t need to affect any other part of my life. But because I’m interested in science I do sometimes read science books and watch scientific programs on TV. But generally I prefer reading fiction books and watching things like Glee on TV!