• Question: My dad has recently had a nose operation, and before he had it done in a different hot weather country his nasal problems were fine, but when in the uk his nasal problems returned back to normal for example sneezing all the time, why is this?

    Asked by sulekha007 to Gioia, Iain, Jo, Leo, Mariam on 23 Jun 2010 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Mariam Orme

      Mariam Orme answered on 22 Jun 2010:

      Hmm, I’m afraid I can’t think of any reasons that would be. Has he been to see his doctor about it?s

    • Photo: Joanna Watson

      Joanna Watson answered on 23 Jun 2010:

      Sorry sulekha007.
      I don’t know why this might be. There are lots of things that are different in the air between different countries. Hopefully your Dad’s doctor has done a great job figuring it out and fixing it with the surgery.

    • Photo: Iain Moal

      Iain Moal answered on 23 Jun 2010:

      I really don’t know, sorry.