• Question: Would you stop when something could be a threat to other living things?

    Asked by sorchandanniirock to Gioia, Iain, Jo, Leo, Mariam on 21 Jun 2010 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Leo Garcia

      Leo Garcia answered on 15 Jun 2010:

      So long as the correct safety precautions are taken, it is perfectly possible to work with substances which are harmful to living things.

    • Photo: Joanna Watson

      Joanna Watson answered on 15 Jun 2010:

      My research is all about trying to figure out ways to prevent people from becoming ill. We don’t do any experiments or invent any drugs or anything, so yes, I would definitely stop if I thought any of my research might be a threat to living things.

    • Photo: Mariam Orme

      Mariam Orme answered on 21 Jun 2010:

      Do you mean would I stop doing my work if I thought the outcome of my research would cause harm to other living things?
      I don’t think that’s likely to happen. I hope that my work will one day lead to the development of new cancer treatments, and I don’t see how that would harm other living things.
      But if I were in the situation where I knew my research was going to cause harm, then of course I would stop doing it.